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To launch its latest cosmetic line, Giorgio Armani Beauty has created a pop-up store called Armani Box at the IFC mall in Central, Hong Kong. It is a one-of-a-kind interactive experience that combines picture-taking, product demo and personalised advice. The visitor’s smartphone is an integral part of the experience. The first step is to have a photo taken with a life-size likeness of a gorilla and send it to the printing machine. The second stage lets you choose the perfect lipstick within the range. Then, it’s time to find the perfect foundation shade of the new My Armani To Go Iconic Cushion. 

Photo 09-09-2017, 14 22 07
503 – Fatale

The new compact foundation is a travel-friendly product, perfect for on-the-go touch-ups. There’s is no need to carry a brush or a beauty blender with a heavy bottle of foundation anymore. The lightweight foundation gives you a full coverage, leaving your skin with a refreshed and glowing finish.


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Anyone who is interested in beauty, I recommend you to check the Armani Box that stays open until September 21st.

Photo 09-09-2017, 14 14 25

Photo 09-09-2017, 14 24 01Photo 09-09-2017, 14 25 33Photo 09-09-2017, 14 15 41Photo 09-09-2017, 14 21 09 (1)


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