RECIPE ☼ Pasta Bowl

Hello my sweet loves,

Here’s a recipe that is a healthier alternative to the classic pasta dish. It’s easy and quick to make, perfect for people on the go or in a rush. This time you won’t feel guilty eating pasta.

It all starts with the ingredients. One of the easiest way to have instantly healthier pasta is to switch to pasta made of beans or vegetables instead of using the regular white flour one. Whole grain pasta is also ok if you can’t easily find the ones that are plant-based. But personally, I prefer the plant-based ones because you don’t feel too full after eating them and it’s always a sneaky way to get your daily greens requirements in.

Barilla Veggie Pasta (with zucchini and spinach)

For the sauce, it all depends on your taste. I always prefer pesto sauce. I recently found this pesto-inspired hummus. Even though it’s hummus, it has a similar texture to traditional pesto. This one is very nutritious because it contains kale, garbanzo beans, hemp seeds and many more good things. Plus it’s all organic.

Of course never forget vegetables! I always mix it up but here I added a cucumber, tomatoes and an avocado.

After my pasta is cooked and drained, I first add the “pesto-sauce” and then the vegetables.

There you go, a healthy version of the traditional pasta dish.

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