Sunday serenity ॐ

Last Sunday, I joined my yoga group for a fast-flow Vinyasa class. The class was led by Janae Hagen (@janaenina). She is such an inspiring teacher. There are two mantras she lives by: “Be kind to the world and the world will open up in return” and, “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are”.

Even though the weather was a bit chilly that morning, the yoga poses did make us generate lots of internal heat. We didn’t feel the gentle, cold breeze. It was such a refreshing feeling to start the the day off with yoga. Plus, the location was perfect: in a park that is in the middle of the buzzing city of Hong Kong and with a magnificent view on the harbour. The surrounding energy was so uplifting. Everyone seemed to be connected. What I always like about this little community is the diversity of people in terms of age, fitness level… but all linked by one common thing : yoga.

Every time I leave the class, I feel fully recharged and always ready to kick off the rest of the day.

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