Am I in paradise? (Phi Phi Travel Diary)

Monday 1st January / Tuesday 2nd January

To start off the year right, I travelled to Thailand with my family. Our first stop was Phi Phi island. To go there, we had to land at Phuket airport and then take a boat for a 3-hour long journey.

On the boat, we sat on the rooftop to enjoy the magnificent weather and sun. It was a nice feeling to finally enjoy a hot climate after spending a week in France and Switzerland, where the temperatures were quite low. The view of the sea and the islands we passed by was breathtaking. The ferry made a stop off Maya Bay, a beach we planned to visit in the following days. It looked out of this world: it was like paradise on earth with the clear and blue water.

Once we arrived at Koh Phi Phi Don, we went straight to the hotel and, trust me, the only thing I wanted to do was to put my swimsuit on and enjoy the weather. We spent the afternoon exploring the island and relaxing by the pool.

So many cats on the island


Wednesday 3rd January

The next day, we woke up very early to go explore the surrounding islands. At 6:30am, we boarded a speed boat and headed for Maya Bay before it was overrun by other tourists. I couldn’t get enough of the beauty of the location; white sand, cristal-clear water… We spent a couple of hours there.

Afterwards we went snorkelling. There were so many fish swimming around but unfortunately we were not able to see any turtles on that day. We refreshed with some watermelon and pineapple back on board.

Then the boat sailed on towards the “Viking Cave”. The cave is known for its many bird nests, which are harvested by hand and sold for a very high price. Chinese people prize the nutritious benefits of the nests, for example as immune system booster.

The next stop was Loh Samah Bay. I was speechless went I saw this place. I’ve never seen such a magnificent place in my entire life. It was like heaven. The sun was reflecting on the blue water. Once the boat stopped, I didn’t waste a second and rushed to the front to jump into the water. Our boat crew was so friendly. They turned on some music and everyone was in a good mood. This moment was a true holiday feeling; sun + good music + clear blue water + good company + smiles = uplifting energy. In other words, everything I like. I never wanted this moment to end.

The Monkey Beach was our last stop. The beach was crowded with monkeys. When I was younger, everytime I saw a monkey I would say “Oh, look! It’s my cousin”. While we were there, we gave them some water and I fed some of them too. They were all so sweet.

Maya Bay Beach
Maya Bay Beach
Viking Cave
Loh Samah Bay


After this amazing morning we spent time at the pool at our hotel. Later in the afternoon, we explored a bit more the island. As we walked, I was happily sipping coconut water off a whole coconut. I wish I could have fresh coconuts here, in Hong Kong. In Thailand, I had a coconut almost everyday.


Thursday 4th January 

Thursday was our last day in Phi Phi. I enjoyed two platters of fruits in the morning. After being done with eating, I packed my bag quickly and headed to the beach in front of the hotel. I made the most of those last moments on the beach.

Then it was time for lunch.

After that we took the boat to head back to Phuket. I was sad to leave Phi Phi but knew that one day, I have to go back.

Tropical fruit to start the day

That’s it for now, stay tuned for part two of this trip in my next blog post. ♡

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