Last rays of sunshine (Phuket Travel Diary)

(For part one, read my last post)

Thursday 4th January

Arriving at the pier in Phuket, first thing we did was to take a private minibus to Kata, which is a district on the west coast of the island. It was hard, at first, for me to realise that this place was an island because Phuket Town just looked like a typical city in Thailand. Looking out from the window,  I could see some magnificent and original architecture.

Once in Kata, we were lucky to have a room with a balcony that had a view on the Big Buddha, up the hill, which was on my must-see locations list. It was already night time, when my parents and I tried to locate the beach. We first walked along a busy road with lots of restaurants and shops. We didn’t take the quickest way to go to the beach so before finding another way, it took us quite some time before reaching the shore.

Hotel Balcony View

Friday 5th January

With my dad, we went swimming in the sea.

Then, my mum joined us and we walked along a road to discover what was to visit in this  district.

To finish the day in a good way, we decided to go to Promthep Cape which is a lookout point further south of the island. Like any place, there was a lot of tourists but the view was breathtaking and the air left a good feeling on me. On the top of the lookout point, there is a shrine. With my mum I said some prayers and burnt incense sticks. After tha came the sunset. Everyone was captivated by the striking colours.

Yes, all day, every day

Promthep Cape

Saturday 6th January

Guess what we did today? We went to the beach again, of course. Today is the last day that I can enjoy this hot weather and the sea before flying back to Hong Kong. I stayed so long under the sun that my face did get a little bit too tanned.

In the afternoon, we only had a few hours left before slowly heading north, so what better way to occupy ourselves than taking a local bus. I am obsessed with these rustic, flatbed open-air buses. There are only two long wooden benches in the passenger area and no air-conditioning, but they are bursting with colours. We first stopped at Karon beach. We didn’t do anything special there but enjoy the view, which was the most important thing to do. Afterwards, we hopped back onto another local bus to go to the town. We saw the different landscapes of the island. We went to the last stop and then did the same trip to go back to where we came from.

We then immediately headed to Patong for the evening. My mum had to leave for the airport before my dad and I. I was sad to see her leave but so thankful for the moments we spent together on this trip. With my dad, we had a bit more time wander around the area. We treated ourselves with a foot massage session.

Patong district isn’t particularly my favourite place on the island but I have to say that we had a couple of nice surprises. One of them, was a group of boys that were performing some break dance moves. They were ridiculously talented and almost everyone passing by had to stop to watch them. Afterwards, we walked along one of the most famous streets of the area. Out of nowhere, I saw a poster that promoted a show of one of my favourite DJs, DJ Snake. By incredible luck the performance was on that very night. At first, I thought that we wouldn’t be able to see him because we were going to head to the airport in a few hours. But my dad said we had time to go to the event. The music was incredible. After this unique experience, it was time to head to the airport and fly back to Hong Kong.

This trip was an astonishing and unforgettable experience. In addition to that, I spent it with my parents ♡. I really can’t wait to go back to these places again.

Last lunch
My lovely parents

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