Talking about sporty street style

Over the last few years, activewear could be spotted more than ever on the streets and has now become a part of the empire of the fashion industry.

Since the end of 2015, sportswear street style has been flooding the streets, the fashion market and social media. Many influencers, bloggers and well-known personalities have made workout attire part of their everyday outfit. Thanks to the media, this trend got a lot of attention from the public and grew so much that iconic luxury brands like Gucci, Alexander Wang and others have also started to design their own version of athletic-inspired clothes.

But why this craze? This trend started for good reasons. It’s a style that is, first of all very comfortable to wear, easy to style and has a chic and cool look to it. And also, who doesn’t love to look like they’ve just been or are going to the gym?

This trend has been evolving and created a connection between active wear and fashion.


Nowadays, most of the people will spend a lot on sportswear but will only use it as a fashionable piece, due to the various style, cuts and colors, and not as a workout item. Some examples of hit activewear are yoga leggings, track pants and trainers. Sport shoes are the perfect examples of the success of the sport street style trend. Over the years, they have became a staple in everyone’s closet whether it’s by cause of their looks or comfort. They also turned into a basic and classic type of shoe that people wear at the moment, to the point that it became obvious and normal for people to wear trainers.

As a result and more than ever, sport brands have been doing collaborations with celebrities and other leading brands in order to attract even more clients and to create more traffic in the active wear section. Rihanna, for example, became a creative director for Puma and has designed the Fenty collection which resulted as a rise of almost a billion dollars of the sales of the Puma company.


Another successful collaboration of a high street name and a luxury brand is Louis Vuitton and Supreme. Together they created a collection for the Fall/Winter 2017 that quickly sold out after the launch because most of the people were so dedicated to get a piece from this collaboration that they would camp outside the shops.

This active wear street style is one of the major trends that is still on the rise and that is not ready to reach the end. The market is  growing impressively and designers are still focusing to create more for this trend.

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