The “Instagram Pier”

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all doing fine. A few weeks ago, I asked my dad if he wanted to come with me to discover the “Instagram Pier” located in Sai Wan in Hong Kong. Since I don’t have a lot of time left in this city, I want to explore different areas as much as I can. The Instagram Pier is quite a big sensation in Hong Kong. Any person who comes here wants to see it for themselves and take pictures there. Before becoming a popular location, it had a use as a dock for cargo ships.

As you arrive, the view is astonishing, with a panorama of several islands. You can see the beautiful skyline across the harbour. There isn’t a lot on the dock itself, other than a few containers and metallic installations. But the vibe of the place is unlike any other. What made this spot a little more special is that, in the middle of all the tourists, there are still locals going about their daily business, like fishing, for example. I felt soothed and at the same time motivated because, especially if you have lived in Hong Kong, you suddenly realise how big the city is. This made me think back about the few years I spent here. I felt grateful for the dreams I made true, the moments I lived, the people I met. This city helped me to grow, discover new things, new aspects of life, but also taught me to get out of my comfort zone.

I definitely recommend that you visit the pier once. It might look “empty” for you, but you can simply spend a good moment with friends or family there. It’s a nice little outing.

As for my outfit, I wore a navy, white and green windbreaker jacket from Topshop. I paired it with matching track pants and a simple white t-shirt. For the final “sporty” touch, I wore my Nike Free Running Shoes. As for accessories I added a pair of gold loop earrings and cat-eye sunglasses.

TOPSHOP Colour Block Windbreaker Jacket (link)

FOREVER21 V-neck white t-shirt

NIKE Women’s Free Running Shoes

HOT FUTURES Cat-eye sunglasses

H&M Gold Earrings


Hot weather, can you tell by my face ?


The struggle is real for getting a good “jump” shot

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