My top tips for dealing with acne

Today I wanted to share my secrets on how to handle acne-prone skin.

In the past, I’ve been dealing with some skin problems such as dry skin, red irritated skin, but most importantly, acne. I won’t lie, it was probably one of the worst moments of my life, and it probably is for others too. Having acne decreased my self-confidence. It made me feel uncomfortable at times. Thank god, my acne skin didn’t last too long, as it does for some others.

So if you’re dealing with acne right now and you need some insight on how to cure your skin, keep on reading…

# 1: Don’t hate, embrace

Let’s start with the basic truth about this skin issue. To be frank, most people have gone through the same situation, or will at some point in their life. More than 85% of teens get acne. And it’s normal because you are going through puberty; hormones change. In other words, acne is normal and is a sign of you slowly becoming an adult physically.  It can also be a question of genetics. So don’t start hating your skin because you are not the only one in this boat ride.

# 2: Stress is one of your worst enemies

Stress, stress, stress. This word is written on every teen’s and adult’s forehead. Whether you stress about having to finish the paper that is due tomorrow. Or you’re stressing about the exam that is coming up really soon. Stress does play a crucial role in the production of blemishes and is probably one of the main causes of acne skin. So start to wind down, breathe deeply and try to reduce your stress level in order to see a clearer complexion. We all have different ways of destressing. Some will need to meditate, or take a relaxing bath and others might need to plan their work schedule in order not to do everything at the last minute and stress.

#3: Your diet should act as a medicine

Our diet does contribute also to how our complexion looks like. If you have a rather bad diet, such as eating junk food, processed foods or highly sugary foods, you are more likely to have an even worse acne situation. I remember that someone said to me that our skin is a mirror of our diet. Which means that if you eat a well-balanced diet, especially fruit, you are more likely to have a smooth, healthy, clear and glowing skin. Whereas someone who eats a lot of fried food or sweets will have a much duller and acne-prone skin. So try eating clean and see the changes on your face.

#4: Talking about dairy

This might not be applicable to every single person in the world but it does concern a majority of us. Dairy is another one of your enemies if you have acne problems, especially if you have sensitive skin; in this case, it’s best to avoid milk, cheese, etc.

#5: Workout can be your best friend

Working out has a lot of benefits for your health. One of them is giving you a refreshed skin. Yes! When you work out, you sweat (obviously) and that eliminates toxins from your body. In addition, working out improves blood circulation but most importantly reduces stress.

# 6: It’s a no-no for makeup

One of the main misconceptions about acne-prone skin is that it helps to cover up your blemishes with makeup. Whether it’s about putting a lot of concealer or foundation, none of them actually help your skin to heal. Smothering your blemishes with makeup might boost your confidence and make you feel better for a short period of time. But wearing makeup can actually slow down the process of getting rid of acne and can sometimes make the situation worse due to the bacteria transferred from your hands or your makeup brushes onto your skin. So if you want to quickly get your skin back to its healthy state again, it’s better that you let it breathe and get better (not worse).

# 7: Avoid bacterias

Bacteria are not acne skin’s best friend! So to prevent too many bacteria from getting onto your face, I’d recommend a few things. First, the obvious one: wash your hands often. Whenever you can really. But most importantly before touching your face.

The other thing that can make your skin worse is your phone. Your phone is covered in bacteria, so when you call someone and stick it to your face, there is a lot of possibilities that your face is going to be affected by that. So try to regularly clean your phone’s screen with an antibacterial wipe.

# 8: Home remedies

Now, if you don’t want to spend huge amounts of money on skincare products, there are a few home remedies that you can try out.

One is using toothpaste to dry out your pimples. Just apply a pea-sized amount directly onto your pimple. Leave it there for not more than 5 minutes and rinse it off. Repeat it daily until your pimple is almost gone.

Next tip, is to use tea tree oil. This oil is nowadays widely available and has a lot of proven benefits in helping acne skin. Put a few drops onto your acne areas on your face (or even body) and just let it get absorbed into the skin, so don’t rinse it off. Personally, this method has worked wonders on my skin.

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