Italia, España, Portugal​

Good evening everyone,

So today I got up quite early for a Saturday. This is because I had to pick up prints from my film camera. And yes, I always get the same excitement to discover new pictures. I love the little rush of adrenaline that you get when you finally see the images, days or weeks after you took them.

The ones that I got today were those from a trip across Europe with one of my good friends. During the journey, I took pictures with my phone but I was more impatient to see the film ones.


I could pick up the films from 10am onwards but I did not waste one second. I took a quick look through the pictures as I was leaving the shop and they made me smile. All the memories from the trip came back and went through my head like a film (no pun intended). Yep, that trip is unforgettable (ps: I already wrote a little excerpt about our trip in a previous post). At that moment, I also thought about how grateful I am to have spent days in different beautiful cities with a friend like mine.  Elise was my ideal partner. We pretty much had the same mindset. I always enjoyed her presence and her bubbly smile. She has such a big heart.


With all the walking and the times we had our backpack on us, our back and legs suffered but it was all worth it in the end. I don’t think I have enough words to describe this adventure. From the long nights sitting in a random square of the city we were in, listening to live music and speaking about everything and anything; the long walks trying to figure out the way and trying to remember it; to the people we met on the journey.


So I wanted to share a few pictures and let them speak for themselves (see below).


Xoxo, Love

Issariya ♥

Elise ♥



Ponte dei sospiri
Our favourite pizza takeaway



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