Hello everyone,

Today I’m launching a new project that I have thought of for a while.

If there’s only one social network I can’t live without, it’s without a doubt Instagram (most of you might know it already 😜). With that being said, I also like to discover new accounts everyday, whether they are artists, bloggers, or creative accounts. I enjoy when people share their favourite pages, so I thought it would be a great idea to share with you guys five accounts that I discovered or that I love following, every Wednesday. I am therefore starting the #InstaCrushWednesday, in order to share the accounts that inspire me and hopefully make you discover new ones too. I hope you will enjoy it and tune in every Wednesday!

To kick off #InstaCrushWednesday for the first time, I’m going to talk about Valeria Lipovetsky. She’s an amazing and fun mama, nutritionist and model. On her page, you can get some inspiration about healthy nutrition, self-love, style and much more. She’s also a youtuber. I personally love watching her vlogs, they always make my day because she has such a bubbly and loving personality.

Next, on the list is Freja Wewer. This Danish model’s account is probably one of my top favourite accounts to follow, as I love her sporty/cool/effortless style. And can we also just take a moment for her bomb-looking effortless blond hair?

Kristine Ullebø is an Instagrammer and blogger that I’ve been following since 2014. Her style did evolve but what I love most about her blog is that she shares pretty much everyday a post that is like a diary. It’s not the typical, structured blog that bloggers nowadays tend to have. She just brings us along into her life. To be honest, her blog is in Norwegian but I just translate everything 😂.

Another blog that I love reading is Anniken Jørgensen’s. Her Instagram showcases her amazing style. I would describe it as rather minimal but cool with popping details from time to time.

Last one for today, is Swiss-based Instagrammer, Mary L Jean’s account. Her feed is filled with OOTD (outfit of the day) pictures. I love the diversity of her style. One day, she can be wearing a pretty floral dress with sneakers, and the next a cool oversized bomber jacket, a bucket hat and jeans. This just makes you want to check out her new outfit every day and you won’t get bored seeing the same style over and over again.

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