Karl Lagerfeld, a legend…

Tuesday, 19th February



It felt like any other day. My dad came back home from work and prepared his dinner. But what I didn’t know just yet, is that the day wasn’t going to end as I thought it would. My dad asked me if I had seen the news and I instantly felt that it wasn’t just ANY news. He warned that it was going to sadden me. A thousand thoughts flooded my mind. Then he showed me his phone… I couldn’t believe what I read. I said “No way, this is not happening.” Still in shock, I searched Karl Lagerfeld’s name on the internet and articles popped up. The headlines were all about the sad news. Up to this point, I probably said “no way” a thousand times. I was still in shock, even now as I’m writing this. Yesterday, I was working on another blog post and I was looking up at looks from the fashion shows. One of Chanel’s shows was on my list. I scrolled through the looks and saw a picture with Karl at the end of his show and thought to myself “Wow, it’s amazing all the work he has done as a designer.”

[I had to take a break as I was writing this post. The emotion was getting too much to handle. I had to cry for a good moment.]

Right, so this post might be a little bit of a mess but I knew I had to stop my work in order to write something “in the moment” about this. I still can’t really believe what has happened, if I’m being honest. I just feel like I have a hole in my chest. I feel like this is just a nightmare and that everything will be normal tomorrow. But no, you are gone…

Now, you guys might asking yourself “Why is she so affected by this news? Why is she crying, even if she didn’t know him personally?”

I’m not really the type of person who cries really easily but even I don’t know where these tears come from. I just can’t control them.

I definitely didn’t know Karl Lagerfeld personally but he has been an idol of fashion for me since day one. No matter what some people thought about him, he was a designer that I always looked up to. From the beginning of my interest in fashion, he was THE designer that made me fall in love with fashion and especially haute couture. I mean, who doesn’t know him in fashion, right? Everyone does; he’s iconic! Every fashion week, I would always impatiently wait to see a video of his Chanel show. My eyes were always captured by his creations but most importantly by the magical and unbelievable setting of his shows. At every show, I couldn’t even imagine what other setting would be possible but he constantly surprised us at every new show.

He made me dream about fashion from a young age. When I was younger, I even thought to myself that one day I would go to his show and meet him. Even if that will not happen, I’m still grateful to have a designer like him, as my motivation and as an aspiration for my pursuit of my dream to, one day, work in the fashion industry.


To Karl Lagerfeld :

I hope that what you have created for Chanel, Fendi and Karl Lagerfeld will live on forever even if, truth be told, you are irreplaceable.


You will definitely be very missed…


Rest in peace Karl.



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