Trend Report SS19

Since spring (and summer) is coming up, it’s probably the best time to start talking about the fashion trends that are going to dominate the upcoming seasons. This post might also be a help to your next shopping session. So let’s see what’s in store for us for the next two seasons! Let’s go!

FEELING SPORTY : Cycling shorts

Yep, they are still trendy. Cycling shorts are still going to be big this spring/summer. Opinions are probably still divided; some love the cycling shorts as a fashion item, while others don’t at all. Styling tip : styling bicycle shorts with classy pieces, such as a blazer or a white shirt, is one of the best way to have a bomb-looking outfit.





BEIGE : Earthy tones

This is the most subtle trend of all. Beige is the colour of the moment. Designers have probably got the inspiration to bring beige back because it evokes one of the main elements of summer, which is sand. Wearing nude/beige tones will reflect elegance, chic and in some way luxury. One of the preferable ways to wear it is from head to toe.





This is the polar opposite of the beige colour trend. It’s flashy and you definitely won’t go unnoticed if you opt for this trend. Whether it’s green, pink, yellow, blue or orange, every colour is allowed. It’s just about having fun since, remember,  it’s summer. This trend is one of the most visible on the runways. I mean who doesn’t want to make over their grey and black-toned winter closet into a place bursting with colours?



FRINGIN’ IT : Fringe

If you are going to swing your beachy hair this summer, might as well do the same with your  clothes.


Feeling like fishing this summer? Well, you might as well wear fishnets.

You’ll most likely be seeing the fishnet trend as coverups for the beach. To wear over your swimsuit. But you can also wear, for example, a simple white t-shirt dress and throw a black fishnet cover up on top.





If you don’t think you’ve had enough of colours with the neon trend, well here you go. Tie dye is making a major comeback. Make this trend fun by making your own personalised tie dye t-shirt.

GOING WILD : Animal prints

Animal prints have been around for a while now and they don’t seem to go anywhere anytime soon. Prints are available for any type of fashion item, whether it’s shoes, bags, clothes, scarves…  


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