What we can learn from Covid-19 [reflecting on life] 🌍

With all of what’s currently happening, and all the information we’re receiving about the new Coronavirus disease, it has made reflect a little bit on life. The other day, I felt the need to write down the thoughts that were going through my head as I felt a bit overwhelmed with all the different emotions I felt all at once. I wrote down everything as I thought, for that reason, it’s not the most organised “essay”. But I decided why not to share it with you guys as it can hopefully be beneficial for some of you to realise things that I have been able to. 

Reflecting on life…

No matter how rich you are, no matter how powerful you are, no matter how famous you are, no matter who and where in the world you are. At the end of the day we are all humans. Just like climate change, the new Coronavirus seems to be affecting us all.

For me, the current situation has shed a light on things that really matter in life. At the end of the day, when we encounter a situation of emergency like one of these, we realise that spending time with our loved ones is probably one of the things that we want to do the most. For some, it is easy to do so. But unluckily for others, not everyone is able to do so. Whether it’s because they are separated by land or sea from their loved ones. In times like these, I wish I could go back to my home and spend the “quarantine” time with the people that I love. So that’s why I think that whenever you have the chance, tell the people who count a lot for you, that you love them. Love them to the fullest. Never forget to spend some bonding time with your family whenever you have the chance. Never lose out of sight what you want to pursue in life. And most importantly, take care of yourselves and your health. Because even thought I know it’s cheesy to say but life is short, after all. Tomorrow is never guaranteed & we cannot know what will happen next, whether it’s in the near or far future. So make the most out of today and every day. If you can still wake up everyday, never take that for granted. Some are not as lucky as us.  I think that it’s only when we are in situations like these, that we realise what is most important to us.

Since almost all the world’s population is at risk, it also shows that no matter if war, race, gender or anything divides us, in times like these, we need to leave it all behind and unite ourselves in order to fight together against the further spread of the virus. 


🖊 a quote to remind us : “Everything is super important. Until you are sick. Then you realise there was only ever one thing that was important.

Your health.

But nonetheless we borrow from the bank of our health, taking loans on stress and sleepless nights to pay for something that doesn’t really even matter.”


Most importantly, stay safe peeps 😷 wash your hands regularly and keep yourselves healthy 🌱🤍💫




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