Empties #2

Welcome back my loves, hope you are all doing well. Today, I wanted to share some of my thoughts on some skincare products I have used up recently. I’ll give you my truthful and honest opinion on if I liked each products or not and if I would recommend any of you to try them out.

The first product is the CAUDALIE Vine-Activ Overnight Detox Oil. This is the first ever face oil I have integrated in my skincare routine, simply because I’ve always questioned the idea of putting oil onto my face. I don’t about you guys, but I always had this assumption that oil-based products were only going to cause more acne to show up on my skin. Plus, I myself, have a rather combination skin; meaning that from time to time, my skin gets dry but some areas of my face also get oily as well. However, I must admit that my main focus on my overall skincare routine is hydration. Also, everyone seems to be talking about how beneficial to the skin face oils are; from intensely hydrating the skin to protecting it from free radicals. So that’s why I’ve start to make some research on possible face oils that I could incorporate in my routine. Since I don’t like the feeling of oily skin during the day (especially with the hot weather in Thailand), I have searched for a night one and that’s when I found the Caudalie one. The detoxifying oil helps the skin in recovering from any damage it has endured during the day. Most importantly, it helps soothe stressed skin. I tend to get red cheeks at the end of the day due to irritation and exposure to UV rays and the oil has been able to reduce signs of redness on my skin. One thing, I have to insist on a million times is the smell of the product. OH. MY. GOODNESS. the face oil smells amazing. Like literally, I’m not even exaggerating. It has a really relaxing smell; perfect for pre-bedtime. The smell is mostly a grape-like one since one of the main components is grape oil. In terms of results, I have seen a change in my skin as I was using this product; my skin felt more refresh, calmed and detoxified. Definitely a skincare product I would highly recommend to any of you looking for more hydration and detoxification.

Since we are talking about Caudalie and grapes, I want to introduce you guys to another staple product of mine. I can’t even imagine myself running out of it. It’s the CAUDALIE Eau de Beauté Face Mist. This vitamin-infused face mist is the secret to my glowing skin (well, it’s not a secret anymore now… but only my lovely readers will know that 😉). I used it everyday as a makeup setting spray or on days where I don’t wear any makeup, I just directly spray it onto my face. I just feel that the spray gives a glowing and fresh complexion. I don’t know how it does it, but it certainly does so. There’s certainly a visible difference on my skin when I wear it. It is unquestionable that this face mist, I will more than a thousand percent recommend it to anyone. You can’t know until you have tried it for yourself!

I promise this will be the last CAUDALIE product; the Instant Foaming Cleanser. This soap-free cleanser is perfect for sensitive skin since it won’t strip your skin. However, I must say that I’m a little bit disappointed by this product in terms of quantity. I don’t know if it’s because I have the small version but I just felt like the product ran out quite fast. Plus, I must say that it felt just like any cleanser and I can even say that I have tried better cleansers in the past. I personally wouldn’t repurchase this product but I think it would be useful for anyone who is dealing with extra sensitive skin and is looking for a delicate cleanser.

Moving on, let’s talk about the THAYERS Witch Hazel Toner (rose petal edition). If you are a big fan of skincare like me, you must have probably come across this product as it is considered as one of the best toners out there. I couldn’t resist but to give it a try for myself. What I really enjoyed about this product is the fact that it’s organic and alcohol-free, which is something I strongly look for in toners. While using this toner, my skin felt really”toned” (pretty self-explanatory for a toner hahaha) but I have seen some visible difference in the redness around my cheeks areas. The rose petals have calmed my skin overall. I would really recommend this toner for every skin type because not a lot of people I know have had bad reactions to it thanks to its organic formula.

Next we have the two products from DR JART+ ; the Water Drop Moisturiser and the Cicapair Colour Correcting Treatment. This is the first time I’ve tried any DR JART+ products other than their sheet masks. I must admit that these two Korean skincare products were both amazing. The Water Drop Moisturiser is one of a kind. I truly loved loved its gel-like texture that turned watery as I applied it onto my face. Most of the time, moisturisers are pretty creamy and can sometimes be heavy on the skin but it isn’t the case of this one. It gives amazing intense hydration to the skin while leaving it feeling light. Certainly a product I’m looking into buying a bigger version. As for the Cicapair Colour Correcting Treatment, it has really helped in evening my skin tone. As I told you previously, my skin tends to get red throughout the day, so I would apply this cream in order to reduce any visible redness. The cream is originally green but gradually adapts to your skin tone as you apply it, resulting in covering any uneven skin tone. This product is truly great for anyones who wants to treat skin redness issues without always having to rely on concealer for covering those areas. On days, when I didn’t feel like wearing any makeup, I would use this cream instead of concealer.

Then, I have tried the NIVEA Pearl White MicellAir Oxygen Boost Water. I always use this micellar water hand-in-hand with my BANILA CO. cleansing balm to remove any eye or lip makeup. Even on days where I don’t necessarily wear any, I like to give my face a little cleansing before actually washing my face with soap. I must say that I am very picky when it comes to micellar water and I usually only use the Bioderma one but not to long ago, I came across this one. Of course, I cannot compare it to the king of all micellar waters (Bioderma) but I have to admit that it cleanses the face pretty well, by removing all the impurities and dirt. But again, I mainly use the product for the lip and eye area because I don’t really like to use it all over my face. If you are looking for a nice alternative to the expensive Bioderma Micellar Water, this one could be the answer.

Finally, the last product is the EUCERIN Omega Soothing Cream. This purchase was quite an “on-the-moment-buy” one. I didn’t plan to buy it, but I did so because I felt like my skin needed a good soothing and hydrating cream. At the time I bought it, I was visiting my family in France during the winter holidays and the moisturiser I had brought with me, didn’t seem to be effective enough in keeping my skin protected from the cold weather. Since my skin was so dry, it also got quite irritated. And I must say, that it’s probably one of the worst feelings; your skin feels all dry and cracked. So I went to the French pharmacy to look for a cream that could save my skin. That’s when the pharmacist recommended me this cream. It is very thick and moisturising so I would only recommend to use it during cold weather periods.

Thank you for sticking to the end of the post, hope you guys enjoyed & if you are thinking of trying any of these products, let me know in the comments!

Much love xoxo.

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