Hermès Fit has landed in Paris

After making its debut in the neighbourhood of Williamsburg in New York, Hermès Fit has finally landed in Paris during the first week of December.

If you’ve ever wondered what mixing luxury, fitness and elegance together would look like, then the Hermès Fit event is probably the answer. Hermès has basically created what you could call a “dream gym”. From showcasing their latest collection to hosting sport classes, everything was reunited in one spot for you to spend a fit day at the Beaux-Arts de Paris.

At first, I thought it would be an event that I would only attend for an hour or so but turns that I spend several hours there since there was so many activities to do. At the venue, there were beauty stations, where you could touch up your lipstick after your workout classes, photo booths, to keep a memory of the event, a juice bar, to refreshen up after a sweaty session, and much more.

I first took a look at the new collection that was being displayed. They had everything from shoes to the classic “carré d’Hermès”. What was never seen before was the Hermès weights and workout accessories. But what I liked the most is the how creative Hermès was, when they came up with ways of working out by using their product as equipments. Ranging from items such as silk scarves to bracelets to hats or even belts. I attended the “Stretch’Ceinture” workout session, which you can probably tell by its name, is a stretching class using an Hermès belt as an accessory. Never in my lifetime would I have thought that I would say this sentence one day. I must say, the belt was truly resistant.

After the class, I grabbed some orange juice before making my way to the beauty station to touch up my lips. I then spent the rest of the evening enjoying the different activities and “surprise shows”, where the staff would suddenly makes us do some workout moves in the middle of the venue with blasting music.

It was probably one of the best events I’ve been to in a long time, that’s why I wanted to write a short blog post about it but most importantly share of pics I took at the event. Enjoy! :


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