Evening Skincare

Here’s a detailed breakdown of my current evening skincare routine :

1st step – Removing makeup

When it comes to removing makeup, I start off with an eye makeup remover. The one I currently use is the Mixa Expert eye makeup remover, which is a very gentle and clean product. I then follow up with the Nivea 5-in-1 MicellAIR water for the rest of my face. Typically, I’m more a fan of using an oil-based makeup remover but to be honest, I ran out of it. Usually, I switch up between different ones but one of my favourite has to be the Caudalie Vinoclean Makeup Removing Cleansing Oil.

2nd step – Wash my face

After removing my makeup, I cleanse my face with the Habo Labo Amazon White Clay face wash. I swear by this product because it always leaves my skin feeling fresh and blemish-free. Unfortunately, I only manage to find in Asia, so whenever I run out of it, I use the Avene Cleanance Cleansing Gel instead. It’s also a great cleanser for anyone who tends to have oily skin or skin that is prone to acne.

3rd step – Tone the skin!

For toners, I like to try different ones and switch up from time to time but the one I’m currently using is the AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment toner from a Korean brand called CORSX. I discovered the toner not so long ago, and I have to say it has definitely changed my skin. My skin feels much more smooth and toned. The toner has managed to clear up my acne in a very short amount of time. You can literally see the difference after only a few uses. I definitely recommend you checking it out if you haven’t already! (I have to give credits to TikTok for this one.)

The toner from CORSX is the one I mainly use when I feel that my skin is breaking out. Otherwise, I also use the Laneige Cream Skin Toner, which also does wonders when you need that little extra hydration in your skin. Definitely another favourite of mine!

4th step – Serum, as a base

Before moving on to applying other products, I like to use the The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% serum. This anti-inflammatory serum is great for sensitive skin as it helps with redness, blemishes, enlarged pores and much more. I find that The Ordinary has a nice selection of serums that not only work well but that also don’t cost a fortune.

5th step – Essence, to help with absorption

After applying serum, I follow up with an essence. This is a new additional step in my routine. Previously, I never really understood the importance of having it as part of a skincare routine. But I’ve recently learned that essence actually helps absorbs products that you will apply afterwards better. The one I’m using is from Su:m37 and to be honest, I’ve never previously heard about the brand until I’ve been gifted a skincare set from Su:m37 a few months ago. Their Water-full Bluemune Essence is great for hydration. You definitely notice a difference when you start using it.

6th step – Getting rid of the dark circles!

When it comes to eye cream, I still use the same Origins Ginzing eye cream that I’ve been using for years. I can’t even count the number of bottles I’ve purchased. All I know is that it’s a lot! It’s also one of my holy-grail products when it comes to eye cream; I’ve never switched to any other eye cream. If you ever happened to have a conversation around skincare with me, you probably have heard me mentioning it several times.

7th step – Moisturiser

In the evening, I use the classic Cerave Moisterising Cream. I use a different one during daytime as the Cerave cream is quite rich and heavy; which I prefer for night time use only. This is a very simple and clean cream that is good for all skin types.

8th step – Night Mask

Last but not least! The final step in my skincare routine is the L’Oreal Aura Perfect Total Recover Sleeping Mask. I have to admit that I’m addicted to this product because it makes my skin look extremely refreshed the morning after. It not only moisturises the skin but also calms it, reducing any visible redness. Usually, you would only use it once a week but I literally use it every night. #guilty

That’s about it for my current evening skincare routine. Sometimes I switch up the products and have additional steps (such as using a sheet face mask after the toner) but I would say that these are the main steps that I stick to on a daily basis.

Hope you enjoy & if you have any questions let me know in the comments!

Issa ♡

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