Arket just landed in Paris !

This is probably one of the first time where I get really excited about a new store opening. Been waiting for this to happen for a long time. I’ve been a big fan of Arket for a while now. The first time I discovered about the brand was when I visited their store in Copenhagen, back in 2018. I immediately loved the Scandinavian-influenced style of the brand.

So when I heard that they’re opening their first store in Paris, I HAD to go an take a look. The new store is located at 13 Rue des Archives in the 4th arrondissement of Paris. The two-storey shop has a beautiful selection of womenswear, menswear, kids-wear, homeware and a cafe!

The cute little cafe is located on the ground floor and has a Scandinavian cosy-feel to it. It really reminded me a lot of the cafes in Denmark. They have coffee, snacks, salad bowls, sandwiches, etc.

If you are in Paris and happen to have the chance, definitely check out the store!


13 rue des archives,

75004 Paris

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