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  • London Bound

    London Bound

    It was such a nice feeling to be back in London for a short trip after moving out three years ago. When I arrived, it was as if I had never left. I still remembered all the familiar places and itineraries. It felt good to be back. London is like another home for me. As…

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  • RECIPE ☼ Aimee’s Raw Bar

    RECIPE ☼ Aimee’s Raw Bar

    Hello everyone, who’s ready to try out a new recipe?! It’s a raw bar recipe. This is a great healthy snack filled with good fats and vitamins. It is inspired by a video that was done by Aimee Song. So here are the ingredients that you will need in this recipe : 2-1⁄2 handfuls of oats…

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  • 18 Things I’ve learned in 18 years

    18 Things I’ve learned in 18 years

    Turning 18 years old is like opening a new chapter. I wanted to share with you 18 things that I’ve learned about life and beyond. Life is too short for worries Every moment counts, even though it may not seem important You are responsible for your happiness You can do whatever you want to do…

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  • Sunday serenity ॐ

    Sunday serenity ॐ

    Last Sunday, I joined my yoga group for a fast-flow Vinyasa class. The class was led by Janae Hagen (@janaenina). She is such an inspiring teacher. There are two mantras she lives by: “Be kind to the world and the world will open up in return” and, “Do what you can, with what you have, where you…

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  • RECIPE ☼ Pasta Bowl

    RECIPE ☼ Pasta Bowl

    Hello my sweet loves, Here’s a recipe that is a healthier alternative to the classic pasta dish. It’s easy and quick to make, perfect for people on the go or in a rush. This time you won’t feel guilty eating pasta. It all starts with the ingredients. One of the easiest way to have instantly…

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  • RECIPE ☼ Vegan Banana Bread

    RECIPE ☼ Vegan Banana Bread

    Hello my sweet loves, I’m so excited to share my favourite banana bread recipe that is vegan, easy to make and a healthy option. I‘ve already made two of those and I can’t wait to bake more in the future. The ingredients you need are (if you can get everything organic, even better!): 2 cups…

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  • My Hong Kong Journey

    My Hong Kong Journey

    Moving to Hong Kong has been a huge step in my life. I had never lived in Asia before. Even though I’m half Thai and have been to Thailand virtually every summer, I was still quite sceptical about actually living on the other side of the world. To be honest, Hong Kong wasn’t my top…

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  • Healthy Fridge, Healthy Nutrition

    Healthy Fridge, Healthy Nutrition

    Living a healthy lifestyle is not as hard as what most people think, you just need some good preparation. It starts with a fridge full of healthy options. If your fridge is filled with goodness, you will only eat food that is good for you. I stock my fridge with some must-have items. I consider…

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  • Summer playlist 2017

    Summer playlist 2017

    Summer is almost over so here are some of the songs I’ve been listening to the whole summer. * Together – Martin Garrix * You don’t know me – Jax Jones (ft. RAYE) * New rules – Dua Lipa * Together – Martin Garrix * Million Eyes – Loïc Nottet * Crying in the Club…

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