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  • End of February Playlist

    End of February Playlist

    Wow, the last time I shared a playlist was a long time ago. I don’t know if you guys like this type of post, where I share my favourite songs from time to time. Tell me in the comments if you would like more posts like this one. But for now, here is a list…

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  • Think before you act (Zero Waste)

    Think before you act (Zero Waste)

    A few weeks ago, I had the chance to take part in a Zero Waste event in Hong Kong. The special guests included Bea Johnson (Zero Waste Lifestyle), Claire Sancelot (The Hive Bulk foods), Craig Leeson (film director of APlastic Ocean), Hannah Chung (HK Zero Waste Challenge) and Bobsy Gaia (founder of Mana! Fast Slow…

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  • 18 Things I’ve learned in 18 years

    18 Things I’ve learned in 18 years

    Turning 18 years old is like opening a new chapter. I wanted to share with you 18 things that I’ve learned about life and beyond. Life is too short for worries Every moment counts, even though it may not seem important You are responsible for your happiness You can do whatever you want to do…

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  • Finally


    Hi guys, welcome to my blog. I am very excited to take on a new journey…

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    About the blog…

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