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  • Hope for Fashion

    Hope for Fashion

    With all that’s been going on since the pandemic started, the fashion industry has been affected a lot and in many ways. People from the industry have had to come up with new and creative ways in order to adapt themselves to the current crisis situation. It doesn’t come to a surprise if people even…

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  • Autumn feels 🍂 OOTD

    Autumn feels 🍂 OOTD

    Top – “Wild Heart” T-shirt from COTTON ON Bottoms – from UNIQLO Shoes – from FOLX (Thai brand)

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  • The “Instagram Pier”

    The “Instagram Pier”

    Hi everyone, Hope you’re all doing fine. A few weeks ago, I asked my dad if he wanted to come with me to discover the “Instagram Pier” located in Sai Wan in Hong Kong. Since I don’t have a lot of time left in this city, I want to explore different areas as much as…

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  • RECIPE ☼ Pasta Bowl

    RECIPE ☼ Pasta Bowl

    Hello my sweet loves, Here’s a recipe that is a healthier alternative to the classic pasta dish. It’s easy and quick to make, perfect for people on the go or in a rush. This time you won’t feel guilty eating pasta. It all starts with the ingredients. One of the easiest way to have instantly…

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  • Bella vita

    Bella vita

    Landed in Milan about almost a week ago now, and still amazed by every corner of this city. It’s not my first time here but I feel like discovering it every time. It’s always a pleasure to be here because I love the city, the food, Italian people and the cityscape. For the last few…

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  • Finally


    Hi guys, welcome to my blog. I am very excited to take on a new journey…

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