How to stay healthy while flying

Always stay hydrated
Keep a reusable water bottle with you at all times. Drinking water while travelling is crucial but try to stay away from other drinks. Water helps with many things. It flushes out all the toxins that you can accumulate during your journey. In the flight cabin, your body tends to be two times as dehydrated as if you were on the ground; so double up your water intake. Your skin will also thank you. It’s also a little plus for the next tip… (see 2.)

Stretch & move, move, move

Get your blood flowing. You never know when a blood clot can appear and we don’t want that to happen. So try to move around the airplane at least every two hours. If you can, do a few quick stretches either on your seat or in the rear of the cabin. They can be simple moves. As you drink a lot of water, it will also make sure you to walk often to go the bathroom.

Bring your own snacks
Personally, I like to bring some fresh fruit or vegetables on a flight, such as apples, bananas, cherry tomatoes or even mixed nuts. You can also find them at the airport but they are quite pricey so it’s better to bring them from home. Energy bars are also a great option as they will help to keep your energy level up on tiring flight journeys.

It’s all about comfort
Wear some non tight-fitting clothes. There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a skinny jean for a long-haul flight. It causes too much discomfort. The best option is a loose t-shirt, sweatpants and sport shoes.

Bacterias get away!!
Keep your hand sanitiser and wet wipes handy. Use them to wipe away all the nasty bacteria that could cause you sickness. As soon as I get to my seat in the airplane, I like to get the wet wipes and clean the tray table and the screen; it just makes me feel better.

Sleep zzz
Take some time to recharge, especially during long trips when you are travelling across time zones.

The obvious one
Try to eat as healthily as possible. It may sound self-evident but it’s true ! The healthier you eat, the better. If you’re not sure to find well-balanced meals in the country you are heading to, you can pack your own food.


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